Friends & Recommendations

Bands We Like:

The Divided

Hailing from the South Coast, The Divided are a melodic yet energetic and heavy band on record as well as live. With hugely memorable melodies combined with punishing riffs and “stadium like” epic song writing, The Divided aren’t “just any mediocre melodic hardcore band”. Brutal, beautiful and passionate.

We Endorse:

Dovetail Strings

Dovetail Strings is a very exciting brand. Our company ethos is about building up the music industry, which we do by supporting musicians from the root level. We also run guitar tuition and offer merchandise deals for our bands, all to help them get ahead in the music industry.


Tama drum kits. A must have brand name in drumming, Tama drum kits have been played by hundreds of musicians since 1974. The attention to detail, build quality and playability are second to none and has made the Tama name the stuff of legends.